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Timeless sports identities

for high schools and colleges

Start a legacy with a tattoo-worthy logo that’s built to last.


Build a culture of sustainable transformation

The leaders of tomorrow are often found in the huddles of today.

Sports change people. Student athletes learn to be part of a team, rise above expectations, and on occasion, find the best version of themselves in competition.

Timeless branding gives schools a chance to establish a new legacy that has its own traditions, and the core of that legacy can last a generation or more. Get a new and lasting look for your athletes and let them be a part of that new and special era.

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The Aesthetic Dept AE ligature

Bold Sports Branding

Distinct. Strong. Original.

That’s the power of custom illustration, lettering, and scripts rooted in branding priciples.


Timeless On-Field Designs

Get design with an eye for timelessness with The Aesthetic Dept.

Build equity in future athletic history with unique, ownable uniform sets.

The Aesthetic Dept AE ligature t-shirt

Fanwear for High Expectations

This is merchandise built for fanatics. Period.

No use of one-design-fits-all templates, but original concepts.